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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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J AX UK AY 15. 190(5, 


The picture on this page repre- 
sents the old school house occupied 
by the, girls in 1885, at St. Michael's 
Mission. The boys were lodged in 
a log; school-house. 

Most of those boys and girls are 
still living, fathers and mothers of 
families. This picture will recall 

a number have falleu into the hands 
of politicians, others have learned to 
indulge in the ruinous drink fire- 
water: while, others still, have made 
use of the pernicious law, which 
breaks up the marriagediohds. family 
love and union. — -divorce, 

Ves. those Indians were a happy 
people, some thii'TV years a^o. They, 
then, had l\orses. cattle, noo-s and 
poidtry: good clothing, enough to 

woods, where stands the little church 
of St. Michael. 

Not half the number of people, 
Could find room in the church on 
Christmas dav. thev had to stand 

After High Mass. they ail partook 
of a good dinner fur isned and pre- 
pared by tne Indians, themselves. 
T'nen followe<l the distribution of 

have put up stakes, even, as near us 
the graveyard and behind the 
church. Does this mean that «.• 
shall have a railroad around St. Ms- 
haei's this year? So they say. 

We earnestly, wish again, to re- 
mind our patrons of the '-Eyanpaha" 
that, when they send in their snh- 
scripiion. to please give us the cof- 

I reel address, also the County, or. 

I route that the mail takes. 

the youthful! and happy days spent 
at St., Michael's Mission, wnen thev 
wore oroniisittu- youno boys and 
girls, full of bnoht hojjy«; as our fu- 
ture men and women, to stand by tne 
cause of religion and civilization. 

To the right of tne boys is, Major 
Cramsie. who was then Agent, and 
an energetic and successful 1 worker 
among the Indians, as was also, his 
predecessor. Major McLaughlin. 
Both these men brought the Indians 
to a high standard of civilization, if, 
onlv they had remained faithful to 
the advice and teaching of those two 
highly esteemed Agents, who were 
truly interested in the welfare of the 

Now. the Indians have become 
r.iii/.ens. and many do, just as they 
please. Some have listened to the 
siren's voice leading to destruction; 

eat and good farms from the produce 
of which, they always had some- 
thing, to bring to market, and uuis. 
made a fairly good living. Now it 
is different, tne <niange is not for 
the better. 



We have three churches hnre for 
the Indians, Our Christmas and 
New- Years celebration was at St. 
Michael's and the Sisters' church. 
The Indians here sing Gregorian 
Mass. according to the wishes of the 
Holy Father. And how they do 
sing! At St. Michael's they put 
heart and soul into the singing 
When t'ne whole congregation sings 
the "Missa In Festis Solemnibus," 
their sturdy and melodious voices 
can be heard quite a distance in the 

Presents from ti-je. Christmas ttee; vie- 
great object of joy and anxious ex- 
pectation, especially for the children. 
But no one was forgotten. Besides 
presents, there was an abundance of 
candy, nuts and apnles. Even Fa- 
ttier Jerome received from the tree 
a sack containing ten dollars. 

We received a large phonograph 
and some fifteen records for Christ- 
mas. The children of our school 
enjoy the music, speaking &c. It is 
a real recreation for them, they 
never tire listening. 

We are indebted for this gift to 
the generosity of Rev. Father Mc- 
Donald of Michigan Citv, N. Dak. 

During the past year, the Railroad 
people have done some surveying 
around St. Michael's Mission. Thev 

It often happens that subscribers 
live in a distant, out of the way little 
camp, perhaps in the Bad lands, with 
a little Postoffice in South Dakota, 
where the mail has to be sent by 
way of Sioux City, Iowa, Nebraska 
and then, back into South Dakota 

It would save us a great deal of 
annoyance, if you take the trouble, 
to write one or two more words out 
the address, so please do it. 

Little White River Dist. S. Dak. 

Lena St. Joseph okolakiciye el 
woitancan icupi wi 12 on. 

Justin Sintupiska, itancan. Os- 
wald Wanbhluta, okihe. Joseph 
Matoinyanke, mazaska awanyanka. 
Jessie Ivott, wowapi kaga. Miwa 
tani-hanska, wiyokihe yuha. Peter 
Miwatani-hanska, wocekiye na olo- 

JAXURAY 15, 1906, 

wan tawa. James Itoyekisunla, ti- 
yopa awanyanka. Alex Turning 
Hawk, Arthur Situpiska, Jessie 
Iyott, Louis Ptesantokahe na Den- 
nies Cetan-howaste, wigliglapi. 

Peter D. Mandan. 

RIVER Dist. S. Dak. 

Lena wi 12 St. Mary okolakieiye 
el woitancan icupi. 

Sophie Situpiska, itancan. Emma 
Turning Hawk, okihe. Alphonsa P. 
D. Mandan, mazaska awanyanka. 
Lily J. Iyott, wowapi kaga. Gertie 
Sintupiska, wiyokihe yuha. Mary 
Itoyekisunla, iapi awanyanka. Ro- 
sie Hehakawakuwa, wocekiye na ol- 
wan tawa. Maggie Turning Hawk, 
wayazan awanyanka. Sussie Black- 
Wolf, tiyopa awanyanka. Mary 
Tall Mandan, Sr., Kittie White-bear, 
Lily J. Iyott, May Yellow Eagle, 
Eugenie Blue Legs, wigliglapi. 
P. D. Makdan. 

Dec. 18, 1905. 


Mahpiyalutaoive oya- 
kapi lecala wicasayatapi kin le wan a 
te kta keyaoi na el wai yelo. Yun- 
kan lecel woklake lo. Oklala ate- 
yapi kin le niye ca yahi huwo? Ko- 
la nite kta keyapi ca waneiyak wahi 
yelo, Sinasapa kin le na yuzana niye 
ko yahipi yunkan lila oante mawaste 
yelo, mitakolapi eyelo. Isto isloya- 
tanhan Rev. Fath. M. Schmitd oyu- 
spe lo, na mis isto catkayatanhan 
obluspelo. Icunhan omayuspeye 
wana mate ktelo, eyelo: Yusonqonpi 
eyas hecena te lo. Ca Mahpiyaluta 
hoksila kin, tawicu kin he mni apoge 
na mni yatke kiye; yunkan ake kini 
ca wana kini kin heceklala. 

Wocekiye ecanon wowicala na 
woape na wowastelake na iyopeici- 
yapi na kuje kin kiei lecel cekiyapi 
hena on "wocekiye bluha nahe blustan 
he Rev. Fath M. Schmidt tanyan wa- 
kan wokla kiye na yustan na wikliwa- 
kan ion pi, na he yustan hehan maza- 

sKanskan oape wanji na ins sanp iye- 
ya onyankaapi tka te sni; heon Ma- 
hpiyaluta ecana te kte sni ecanmi. 
Tanyan wakan-woklake yuha, tan- 
yan wikli wakan icu, hecel W^akan- 
tanka ake anpetu sanpa qu, hecel 
Fath. M. Scqmidt na miye kici cante 
onwastepi onkeyapi na nape onyu- 
zapi hecel Mahpiyaluta kinkta na 
kola mis eya lila cante mawaste ye 
lo eyelo. Le Oklala ateyapi na si- 
nasaoa nuD yahipi kin le ciksuyapi 
makin kte lo. Ca le sinasapa el wa- 

yawa itancan wan Puyamani ecivapi 
on he niye huwo eya: Ca how, eye 
lo. Ca unma kola nituwe huwoeva. 
Sungmanituska miye epelo. Yunkan 
kola mitawapi mate kte esa sinasana 
kin le nais ateyapi hena ciksuyapi 
mate kte lo, eye lo. Sinasapa nupe 
wocekiye ecanonpi yunkan lila ican- 
te mawaste yelo. Kola mitawapi ca 
wana kola onklapi ktelo, ateyapi kin 
eya na klicu ca mis ehake taku wanji 
imuge lo. Kola, tohan nite kin sina- 
sapa owicaha kin hel nunkin kte lo, 
epelo. IS'ite eyas nagi nita kin wi- 
coni oihanke wanica yuha kte onke- 
cinpi ca, nita eyas wocekiye econon- 
niconpi kta ca heon onkiyuskinpelo. 
Kola na nagi nitawa kin ake onku- 
wapi kta ca, ake wahi kte lo. Kola 
ake u po, waniyetu 83 yunkan mate 
kte hcelo, ca ake u po kola. 

Ho mitakuyepi, Mahpiyaluta wo- 
cekiye tanyan econ welo: hecel tona 
le wanlakaoi kin hena wocekiye on 
Mahpiyaluta yeksuyanini ecanmi ye 
lo. Hecel econqonpi kin Mahpiya- 
luta wiconi oihanke wan ice kin he 
onkicamuapi ktelo. 

Ho hecetu welo, tona Eyanpa 
wanlakapi kin oyasin cantewasteya 
nape ciyuzapelo. 

John White Woi.f. 


Fort Totten, St. Michel's. 
Dec. 31, 1905. 

Clement Lohnes St. Joseph okoda- 
kiciye en teca opa. Tohanyan maka 
akan ni un kinhan hehanyan Wa- 
kantanka en htani kta icieonze. 

St. Mary okodakiciye teca opapi. 
hecen tohanyan maka akan ni un 
kinhan owotana qa wahbayena on 
kte cin he St. Joseph awanhdake kte 
qa anpetu sice cin ota kin etan St. 
ehdaku kte tawacin kin wasagye kte. 
ecin wakansica anpetu owasin mnaja 
hoton kin iyecen okokipeya omani 
tuwe yapote kte cin he akita. Heon 
mitakodapi, wowacinyeqa wowinape 
tanyan onyakonpi kinhan maka akan 
kokipeihda sni nnyakonpi kta. 
Celina Comingcloud, M. Ar J M- Com- 
incrcloud, Wanbdiahewin Mvrick. 

Annetu de St. Mary okodakiciye 
nina cantewastepi. 

St. Joseph qa St. Mary okodakici- 
ve owasin nape eiyuzapi do. 

Fkakk Demarce, Oko. Itancan. 

Christmas icunhan Eyanyaha kin 
nina wowaoi qupi. De wi kin en 
okan sni on ad ataya yaotanin okihi 

Pahinhe oyanke etanhan Thomas 
Whitemouse wowapi waste kaga qa 
Ohristmaa odowan, "Tona wacin- 
yanpi he odowan wowapi en ehna- 
kapi cin qa ins Eyanpaha en owapi 

waste ka keye. 

Inyan Bosdahan en okodakiciye 
onpi hunkapi sni keye, — Dakota 
wicohan wawiyutan on hececapi keye 
qa omniciye pa ewicaki\ T api tuka 

Oak Creek etanhan Henrv Tiger aa 
Aloysius Blackcloud nawiconhonpi. 
De ehake kin Cetanicute eciyatan 
Julv 1906 hehand he wicohan wan 
cin kin iwanyankpica keye. 

Omniciye en dena itancaiioi. 

Paul Fool Bull, itancan. Henry 
Tiffer. okihe. Alovsius B. Cloud, 
wowani kaga. Frank Lafratnboise. 
iapi awanyanKa. Martin Kaiyotan- 
ke, wapaha vuna. William Cadotte 
tivopa awanyanka. Cnarles Half, 
wahokonwicakiya. Felix Istamaza, 
Walter Tiger qa James Tokakte. 
wayazan awankaoi. Louis B. Horse, 
Ben Cadotte, Waali, Hehakawaste 
qa James S. Horse, wigliglapi. 

Eyanpaha kin piya iyopte kin he- 
on taku ota wancak econ okihi sni. 
Odowan yieskapi qa ins odowan 
owapi kte kin hena tanyan cajeyata- 
pi. Nisiya oyakiyapi kin waste kte. 
nahanh ota kajujupi sni. 

Otonwe wan Huntingdonshire en 
waKpa wan Ouse ecivapi kin opta 
cankahunnapi wan wanke kin akan 
tipi wakan wan he. 

Tuskegee Institute en Hasapa 
opawinge tonaken Sinasapa opayapi 
unpi tuka wana tehanh en ewicaton- 
wanui sni unkan dehand owicakiyaui 
kta. En tioiwakan wanji Rev. Fa- 
ther Sutton kage qa wosnapi econoi 
kta. De wayawa oti en Booker 
Washington, Hampton woonspe 
ihuuniyan wan oitancan qa maka 
owancava ocaston ka. 

Chicago ekta wicasa jica wan 
Louis Huck ecivapi wan decana te. 
De wicasa kin nina Chicago otonwe 
kin ehna caje tanka. Tawiwazica e 
qa cinca zaptan henaken ehpeya iwi- 
cayaye. Wicasa jicani eKayes to- 
hand iyekicihantupi ecan iyayapi 
tuka iyotan isanpa toketu tanin sni 
kin he woyuha wanjina hduha iya- 
vani sni. 


Anpetu wanjina en cigars yamni 
isanpa unpapi sni po. 

Anpetu wanjina en oopagi nonpa 
kin vagupi sni po. 

Canonpa qa ins candi nonpe kin 
icete sannina ece eciyatanhan yapapi 
sni po. 

Candi spaya unpi sni po — spaye 
kin he taku he icahiyapi e itonpapo. 

Cherry Creek etanhan Dick Swan 
nakun wowapi kage. Hen oyanke 
kin de waniyetu kin wicasa wakan 
en on sni tuka iye omniciye kin 
Christmas woecon owasin iyopteyapi 
qa woecon tawaoi kin okahnihya 

Christmas woecon icunhan wohda- 
kapi: Giles Tapetola, Narcisse 
Narcelle, Dr. G. Wilkinson, Siyo- 
iyanke, Sunkawanagi, Tatankawan- 
bli. WanblicanglesKa, Peter Holy 
Bull, Edward Swan, Mr. and Mrs. 
Fisherman, Lucy Paiikeskamazawin. 

Eyanpaha ni kin iyecen de okoda- 
kiciye nina mdiheca hinhdapi. 

Eyanpaha kin de omniciye kin 
decen ewicakiye kta: "Tona oici- 
yapi kin hena Wakantanka owica- 
kive kta." 

Cherry Creek etanhan Henry Si- 
voinvanke hekta Rosebud omniciye 
tanka en Bishop toie wan dehan 
hunniyan yuha awacin on keye qa 
Louis Mousseau toie wan woyustan 
e nakun oyake. Koda mnita tka 
wocekiye on niiciya keye qa Christ- 
mas odowan qa makoce waste hena 
odowan owapi en yanka waste keye. 

Sinaska okolakieiye etan wanji 
lecel eya ca nawahon. Sinasapa 
woyawa kin tona Lakota cmcapi el 
waonsnewicakiyapi kin hena Lakota 
tamazaska qeya Tonkansilayapi oti 
yanke cin hetan on wayawapi kta ca 
Sinasapa kin mazaska kin etan icupi 
kta eya wicacajepi mnayanyapi na 
on wicasa iyohi $5.00 onyakipi heon 
he wicaonlapi sni yelo. 

Le wokuwa kin Lakota ovate ata- 
ya slolonyapi sni yelo 

He ataya wicakaoi sni. Hekta 
Oglala oyanke el le wicohan kin ki- 
cuwapi kta keya. Bishop Martin kici 
glustanpi, July 17, 1896 anpetu kin 
M. C. C. P. M. D. S'cry naheomaka 
hehan Evanpaha wan iapi onkitawa- 
pi ogna maza aglihpeyapi na Lakota 
ovanke ontonakecapi hecin hena oya- 
sin onyublayapi. Inonpa, le wico- 
han wana ovate okahnigapi na able- 
zapi na wicacaje mnakiyapi na La- 
kota J. G. P. M. D. Bishops 3 wi- 
cohan kin le kuwa unsTpi na wowa- 
sake onqupi, July 18, 1897 he anpetu 
kin ostan yusutaya yustanpi na oma- 
ka kin el ogna Eyanpaha wanonyu- 
hapi qon he el taku tona glustanpi 
hena oyasin owapi ake inupa Lakota 
ovasin onyublayapi woyustanpi kta 
on omnicive tanka kin le el Itancan 
manke. Lecel econqonpi taninyan. 

Le tuwe kaga tanin sni, oiciwa Sni.